Contact Information of BARRON HIGH
School name: BARRON HIGH
School address:1050 EAST WOODLAND AVE
BARRON, WI 54812
Phone number: (715) 537-5627
Mailing Address: 1050 E WOODLAND AVE
BARRON, WI 54812
General Information of BARRON HIGH
The education agency that operates this school: BARRON AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT
School type and classification:This school is considered as Regular school
Status: School was operational at the time of the last report and is currently operational.
Level: High school
Lowest Grade Offered: 9th grade
Highest Grade Offered: 12th grade
Total Students: 383
Total full-time-equivalent classroom teachers:26.93
Student to Teacher ratio:14.22
Title I eligible school?No
School-wide Title I?
Locale classification:Rural, Fringe Census-defined rural territory that is less than or equal to 5 miles from an urbanized area, as well as rural territory that is less than or equal to 2.5 miles from an urban cluster.
Number of students eligible to participate in the Free Lunch Program:171
Number of students eligible to participate in the Reduced-Price Lunch Program:31
Total of free lunch eligible and reduced-price lunch eligible:202
Demographics of BARRON HIGH
Total 9th grade students: 95
Total 10th grade students: 82
Total 11th grade students: 96
Total 12th grade students: 110
Total number of students: 383
Total number of American Indian/Alaska Native students: 6
Total number of Asian/Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander students: 2
Total number of Hispanic students: 11
Total number of Black, non-Hispanic students: 34
Total number of White, non-Hispanic students: 324
Total number of Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander students: 0
Total number of Two or more races students: 6

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