Contact Information of ROSS ES
School name: ROSS ES
School address:1730 R ST NW
Phone number: (202) 673-7200
Mailing Address: 1730 R ST NW
General Information of ROSS ES
The education agency that operates this school: DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PUBLIC SCHOOLS
School type and classification:This school is considered as Regular school
Status: School was operational at the time of the last report and is currently operational.
Level: Primary/Elementary school
Lowest Grade Offered: PK (Prekindergarten)
Highest Grade Offered: 5th grade
Total Students: 157
Total full-time-equivalent classroom teachers:9.0
Student to Teacher ratio:17.44
Title I eligible school?No
School-wide Title I?
Locale classification:City, Large Territory inside an urbanized area and inside a principal city with population of 250,000 or more.
Number of students eligible to participate in the Free Lunch Program:39
Number of students eligible to participate in the Reduced-Price Lunch Program:16
Total of free lunch eligible and reduced-price lunch eligible:55
Demographics of ROSS ES
Total prekindergarten students:34
Total kindergarten students:24
Total 1st grade students: 21
Total 2nd grade students: 19
Total 3rd grade students: 23
Total 4th grade students: 15
Total 5th grade students: 21
Total number of students: 157
Total number of American Indian/Alaska Native students: 0
Total number of Asian/Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander students: 9
Total number of Hispanic students: 36
Total number of Black, non-Hispanic students: 49
Total number of White, non-Hispanic students: 51
Total number of Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander students: 4
Total number of Two or more races students: 8

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