Find Good School contains data on over 100000 elementary, middle and high schools. You can simply type in your address and search all the schools around your area. You can compare each school's demographics information and also student to teacher ratio. You can search for magnet, charter, vocational, alternative and shared-time schools in your area. It will help you to find the best school for your kids.

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You are free to use as long as you don't hold us accountable for anything. It means that you use it at your own risk. Although we try to keep our data accurate and up-to-date, we don't guarantee its accuracy. You should use it as a reference only. Always visit the school before you make a decision. Call the school to verify the information. You agree that you will not hold us accountable for any loss, damage or death due to the use of this website.

Where did you get your data

All data is open source data that available through US government.

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